Michael St. Amand: Slave to Vanity
Michael St Amand
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Sonic Combine" performs a concert of original music and sound timbres in an evening of performance art and audio surprises.
Their abstract sound is not always musical, sometimes discordant, often powerful, and performed on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and Theramin. The progressive, electronic, acoustic, Art Music, Alternative Audio Performance Ensemble, "Sonic Combine" consists of Lawrence Voytek, Laurence Getford and Kat Epple. Lighting and sound design by Gary Neiheisel. Percussionist Nathan Dyke and other special guest performers will be featured in this unique art installation and performance art experience.
Thursday, January 7, 2010 at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center
Doors Open at 6:00PM for cocktails and for viewing the spectacular "Slave to Vanity" art installation by Michael St. Amand and five other renowned visual artists. Performance begins at 7PM.

Laurence Getford, a veteran of the Electronic Music and Art scene has traversed a circuitous route to the Sonic Combine Trio.   Those who know him through his ground-breaking computer printmaking work with Robert Raushenberg are often surprised to learn that he ventured into electronic music and art via his interest in Kinetic sculpture in the 1970s.
Initially, using primitive analog technology and electro mechanical devices at the University of Florida, he incorporated sound and motion elements in to his sculpture series called Atmospheric Modulators.   As a result of  this growing interest in contemporary art, his second life in a regionally touring rock band began to take a backseat, and the freedom of the multi-media fine art format led to a disenchantment in some of the limitation imposed by the live music performance options of the day.  In 1972  he withdrew from touring, to concentrate solely on multi-media Art projects. At that time he also began to compose on audiotape to sonically support his new interest in experimental video.   After several years of working in isolation in Florida he decided to formally study video and sound, which resulted in graduate study and work at Rhode Island School of Design and the McColl Electronic Music Studio at Brown University 1974 -76. Since then, he has written and performed with various experimental and traditional music ensembles to support live dance, film and video.

Lawrence Voytek, a well-known sculptor and painter, has recently moved into creating and performing on new sonic instruments and alternative audio performance art. He performs on his "Space Harp", the Theramin, and unique new sound sculptures of his own design. Lawrence Voytek has been the director of art production and friend of Robert Rauschenberg for over 25 years. He has consulted for art installations, fabrication, and restoration with renowned national and international museums and galleries. Lawrence also designed the musical metal sculptures series titled "Strategic Structures" which were featured on the CD albums, "Manatee Dreams of Neptune"and "Strategic Structures". A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Lawrence's work can be found in many important corporate and private collections around the world. http://www.lawrencevoytek.com

Kat Epple is an Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer, synthesist, digital orchestrator, and flutist. She has released 24 music albums, performs live in concert, at venues such as: the Guggenheim Museums, United Nations, National Gallery, tours of Europe, Asia, Russia, for dance troupes, and for many art openings around the world, for her friend, artist Robert Rauschenberg. Film scores include "National Geographic", "Nova", for Carl Sagan, PBS, NASA, Apple Computers, "Guiding Light", and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Formerly with the electronic-acoustic band, "Emerald Web" which specialized in concerts in Planetariums, Kat now performs with several different ensembles covering a wide range of musical styles. She also travels throughout the world, collecting flutes from other cultures which she features in original compositions and performance. Kat is a graduate of USF, where she completed the SYCOM electronic music studies program, which included synthesizer programming, music and computers, recording engineering, and Musique Concrete.

Gary Neiheisel's years of friendship of all members, and experience of recording, live sound engineering, lighting design, work as a producer, designer and builder of recording studios, acoustician, and other artistic influences, are a pivotal element in the band. As charter member of I.A.T.S.E local 647, Gary has worked on over 400 shows (Musicals, Plays, Operas, Dance, Live music events, art galleries....) Including -Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Lion King, Elton John, Pink Floyd, New York City Opera, Pilabolus, among many others. Gary's company,ORBITACOUSTIC, designed and built over 50 studios in New York City for Jay -Z, RZA-Wu Tang Clan, Denice Rich, Julliard, Electric Lady, and others. Gary's new company ACOUART, focuses on acoustic art, acoustic treatments for studios and wall street boardrooms, and other applications as well full recording studio design and construction.

Abstract music performed on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and Theramin.

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