Michael St. Amand: Slave to Vanity
Michael St Amand
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Pronunciation [van-i-tee]noun, plural -ties, adjective
1. excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit: Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity.
2. an instance or display of this quality or feeling.
3. something about which one is vain.
4. lack of real value; hollowness; worthlessness: the vanity of a selfish life.
5. something worthless, trivial, or pointless.
6. vanity case.
7. dressing table.
8. produced as a showcase for one's own talents, esp. as a writer, actor, singer, or composer: a vanity production.
9. of, pertaining to, or issued by a vanity press: a spate of vanity books.

1200 50; ME vanite < OF < L vanitas, equiv. to van- (see vain ) + -itas- -ity

Related forms:
vanitied, adjective

1. egotism, complacency, vainglory, ostentation. See pride. emptiness, sham, unreality, folly, triviality, futility.

1. humility.


Pronunciation [sleyv]noun, verb, slaved, slaving.
1. a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant.
2. a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person: a slave to a drug.
3. a drudge: a housekeeping slave.
4. a slave ant.
5. Photography. a subsidiary flash lamp actuated through its photoelectric cell when the principal flash lamp is discharged.
6. Machinery. a mechanism under control of and repeating the actions of a similar mechanism. Compare master .
verb (used without object)
7. to work like a slave; drudge.
8. to engage in the slave trade; procure, transport, or sell slaves.
verb (used with object)
9. to connect (a machine) to a master as its slave.
10. Archaic. to enslave.

1250 1300; ME sclave < ML sclavus (masc.), sclava (fem.) slave, special use of Sclavus Slav, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav

Related forms:
slaveless, adjective
slavelike, adjective

7. toil, labor, slog, grind.


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