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Artists Collaborators:

Ed Chappell

Renowned Photographer Ed Chappell is know globally for his fine art photography, and commercial work. His work is included in the many books on Robert Rauschenberg. Based in SW Florida, his commercial photography studio specializes in architectural and landscape photography as well as commercial studio work. In his spare time, Ed shoots scenic landscapes, industrial scenes, and oddities from his travels. He also takes many pictures of his twin baby boys.





Lawrence Voytek

Sculptor Lawrence Voytek has been the director of art production for Robert Rauschenberg for over twenty years, and he has consulted for art installation, fabrication and restoration with renowned national and international museums and galleries. Lawrence's work can be found in many important corporate and private collections.



Sherry Rohl

I was about 9 to 10 years old when an illness put me in bed for several months. To occupy myself, I made potholders, sketched my father's hand, and began painting horses in oils. My folks gave me a black pony when I was 13 years old. Consequently, at the expense of a social life, but to the delight of my parents, my teen years were joyfully consumed by horses. When I wasn't riding, grooming, and doing barn chores, I was drawing horses and painting my first commissioned portraits of horses.

I pursued art on into college and beyond, expanding my knowledge of materials and methods. I have experimented with a variety of topics and concerns typically with the human figure as the focus. These pieces have included work with commercial laser copiers, giclees, assemblage, installation and paintings. Recently, I spent a summer on a farm in Colorado. I was inspired to do a set of twelve monotypes of lambs raised on the farm. I have returned to drawing and painting horses. I refer to this work as the "Equus Series" which includes images of blind horses, black ponies, Arabians and other horses imagery. I'm working primarily in charcoal, or oil on paper and canvas. There is something elemental in the process of visiting this favored childhood icon and working with traditional materials and methods. The strong impulse to draw and paint horses is affording me the opportunity to integrate as the past informs the present informs the past.


Sherry Rohl

Jim Krieger

Various materials, whether shaped by industry or nature, enable me to translate their potential relationships as symbolic imagery.  When working with stone, I referenced Greek Mythology. With steel, a playful exploration of space through a formal aesthetic was facilitated. Currently, I am working with mixed media that often evoke totemic and fetishistic imagery.

My sculptural influences have been eclectic; from Sumerian relief's, classical mythology to Asian and tribal cultures. Twentieth Century influences have included Noguchi, Caro, Duchamp, and Beuys




Jim Krieger

Michael Beauchemin

Michael Beauchemin (b. 1957), of French Canadian descent, was born and raised in Southwestern Connecticut, one of four children. His father, Gerard Beauchemin, was also an artist, and worked as a mechanical draftsman. Michael Beauchemin continues to paint, and enjoys reading, music, and the company of friends in his Southwest Florida home. Beauchemin has also worked as a financial advisor, marketing director, and commercial artist.

Singer/songwriter, Elton John; novelist, Jackie Collins; actor, Keanu Reeves; movie actor, Sylvester Stallone; R&B singer/songwriter, Tomi Jenkins; comedian & film actor, Monti Rock III; singer/songwriter, Michael Stipe; and movie actor, James Spader.


Michael Beauchemin
Kris Bates Kris Bates



Sonic Combine:

Sonic Combine's abstract sound is not always musical, sometimes discordant, often powerful, and performed on metal sculptures, electronic instruments, world flutes, and Theramin. The progressive, electronic, acoustic, Art Music, Alternative Audio Performance Ensemble, “Sonic Combine” consists of Lawrence Voytek, Laurence Getford and Kat Epple.
Lighting and sound design by Gary Neiheisel.






Sonic Combine, Kat Epple, Laurence Getford, Lawrence Voytek




Integra Life Spa

Integra Derm

Hotel INDIGO Ft Myers FLorida

The Scene Magazine

The Sidney & Berne Davis Arts Center Ft Myers FLorida

Space 39 Modern and Contemporary Gallery




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