Michael St. Amand: Slave to Vanity
Michael St Amand
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Michael St. Amand:
Slave to Vanity

(FORT MYERS, FL) January 1, 2010 "Mirror mirror, on the wall, who's the most beautiful of all?" You can never be too beautiful or too thin, but can you ever be beautiful enough? Are we fixated on beauty and the means and methods to achieve it? Michael St. Amand offers a stirring and evocative look at our yearning for a flawless appearance with SLAVE TO VANITY, which begins a two-week run at the
Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers, FL on New Years Day.

The media shows us perfect beauty every time we turn on our television or open a magazine. We are constantly bombarded with images of pop-culture figures singers, actors, athletes and other celebrities being made-up and air-brushed to the nth degree, lest there be a hint of imperfection. Is our fixation on our appearance a good thing, or have we gone too far? Have we become SLAVES TO VANITY, obsessed with our own beauty, locked in front of our mirror? Michael St. Amand's latest works invite us to ask ourselves these questions and to take part in exploring the answers."

An artist for over 30 years, Michael St. Amand works in mixed media, digital art, multimedia art, painting and printmaking. His creations have earned numerous awards, and he has exhibited his pieces nationally and internationally, including the Sorbonne Paris, Musee' D' Art Moderne, Bordeaux, France , New York City, Dallas, New Zealand, Washington, D.C. as well as throughout Florida and can be found in many corporate and private collections.

SLAVE TO VANITY opens 01 01 10, at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center
(2301 1st St., Fort Myers, FL, (239) 333-1933, sbdavisartcenter.com; fl-arts.org) and runs through January 14. Contact: Jim Griffith

Doors Open at 6 pm

Collaborative Artists
Ed Chappell, Sherry Rohl, Michael Beauchemin, Jim Krieger, Lawrence Voytek

Special Musical Interlude (Mini Concert) Opening Night By:
"Sonic Combine": Kat Epple, Laury Getford and Lawrence Voytek

John Fenning, MD, Morris Zimmerman, PhD,
Terry Tincher (Owner Space 39 Modern and Contemporary Gallery),
Richard L. Tooke (Curator, Collector) , Jenny Higgons (Writer for celebrity magazines, Editor)

Michael St. Amand
Photo : Ed Chappell

For more information about SLAVE TO VANITY or to schedule an interview with the artist, contact Michael St. Amand at www.michaelstamand.com.

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